Facts about the possum family

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Most people see the possum as a cute and lovable little critter however there can be those of us who do see them as a menace just like the raccoon. And this is certainly true of some species of American possum because they can be rather pesky at times. However his is just play for them, a bit of excitement to help pass the day, or the night for this nocturnal animal. The opossums of America are related to those of Australia and New Guinea and are of part of the marsupial family. The possum generally lives of a mostly green diet consisting of plant foods, fruit and flowers. But there are known to catch and munch on an insect or to and will eat meat if it is provided for them. However be careful when feeding possums because like the raccoon, once feed these creatures are hard to get rid of.

Where the possum has been reluctantly introduced into the forests of New Zealand they are doing major damage to the wilderness by eating hundreds of tones of forest every night. There are estimations of having over 100,000,000 possums now spread out over New Zealand and this is why they can eat so much food in one night. They were also introduced to China however China’s other native wildlife do not have to compete for as much food as the New Zealand ground dwelling wildlife and therefore the possums in China are not such a problem animal.

Small possums are roughly the size of a mouse or one of the smaller bats while the larger Australian Brushtail possum is about the size of a raccoon or family cat. Living happily is suburbia the possum that once only dwelled in trees now moves around and is comfortable living anywhere warm and dry such as a loft, shed, garage or ceiling. They are still shy of man, not yet being domesticated however they will take food right from your hand though if you are unlucky they might take a piece of your hand too using their sharp needle like claws.

Although the possum looks cute and harmless they have been known to cause electrical disturbances by chewing on electrical wiring which isn’t good for the poor possum either. They also get into the rubbish bins, compost heaps and anywhere else there is food lying about. If the possum is allowed to run free then they also take a liking to farmers’ crops such as fruit and vegetable so the farmers often have to cull the possums to stop their crops from being destroyed. Unfortunately some farmers use cruel and unusual methods of trapping the possum which mean they suffer for long periods, sometimes even days before death.

There are many wildlife sanctuaries that have nocturnal night tours to go spotting the possums and other nocturnal creature in their own natural habitat. This is a great way to learn more about the possum and how they live without disturbing their lifestyle.

Possum eating a strawberry!

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A Possum eating a strawberry! Perhaps the most misunderstood of creatures. They are very gentle and docile by nature.

Cute Possum Videos

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Possums can be extremely cute. They are adorable pets to have in your home and numerous families love these animals. In this article you will find some cute possum videos that will surely help you quicker make up your mind on whether you would love to have such an animal in your home or not.

In the video below you can watch a really cute possum eating strawberry. As you can see in these images, the possum is extremely gentle and docile, being quite smart, too.

This is another video of a possum, just relaxing on the couch, waiting for dinner. As you can see in these images, the possum loves to be pet and he is extremely loving with his owner.

If a possum loves to relax before his dinner, another pet just wants to play and show the affection he has for his owner. Watch the video below to see this really cute possum playing and almost begging to be pet.

In you think that these animals are adorable, too, there is absolutely no reason why you should not consider taking a possum into your home. They are not dangerous and they can be very loving with their owners. Possums can really be extremely adorable pets!

Rare Pygmy Possum Spotted in Canberra

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A rare little eastern pygmy possum was spotted by staff from ACT Parks and Conservation at Blue Range Campground off Brindabella Road, Australia, just last week.


The possum, listed as vulnerable under the Threatened Species Conservation Act in 1995, has reminded people in Canberra to be careful when sourcing firewood this winter. Not to mention that it is an offense to collect wood within a nature reserve or national park, in part precisely because of such rare creatures.

It’s one of the things we’re asking people to be very conscious of, particularly at this time of the year as they turn their minds to firewood”, said ACT spokesperson Brett McNamara. “Make sure you’re getting firewood from an accredited, licensed supplier and not just go out into the parks and reserves”, he added.

McNamara also said that the sighting showed that regeneration efforts following the 2003 fires were working, after more than 80% of the capita’s nature reserve areas were affected.

It’s very rare for our staff to see this majestic little creature”, said the spokesperson. “Indeed in nearby Namadgi National Park there have only been seven confirmed sightings of the animal. Finding this eastern pygmy possum in a popular recreation area suggests that population numbers may remain viable and healthy within the ACT”.

After checking on its health, the little possum was moved to another habitat tree in the local area.

Are Possums Dangerous?

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Possums can be cute pets and the reality is that numerous people nowadays choose to have this type of pet into their homes. Still, there are also people who fear possums. If you wonder if the possum is a dangerous animal or not, you should know that there is nothing for you worry about. A possum will not bite or attack you.


So, in case there is a possum running around through your backyard, you should not be alarmed. There is no need for you to take action, either. Possums, like all animals, will only bite when feeling threatened. So, in case you grab or corner a possum, it will most likely attack you. Either way, you can rest assured that you are safe even though a possum may be running in your backyard.

The possum is native to New Zealand. This can easily be described as a beautiful animal, even though there are some states in which keeping the possum as a pet is something you will need a permit for. However, you should know that even though the possum is a wild animal, it can be an option as a pet for anyone who is willing to make a rather eccentric pick.


Despite the fact that possums are not considered to be dangerous, they can produce harm mostly to people living in farms. On a farm, the possum can threaten the livestock and crops on the property. Cases in which possums have stolen chickens, turkeys or duck from farms have also been registered. In order to keep possums away from such animals, farm owners should make sure that they are kept in enclosed locations in which possums cannot reach them.

Possums may also represent a potential danger to pets. Cats and dogs may actually be harmed after an encounter with a possum. Since possums are wild animals they can carry a wide range of diseases, which can easily be transmitted to pets though their bite.


Possums are not considered to be dangerous, as they do not tend to attack or bite humans, at least when they do not feel a danger. However, avoiding the encounter with an wild animal that may be aggressive is the best idea you can have if you want to be certain that you will be safe. If a possum is seen in your farm or backyard, just make sure that it has no access to food and it will leave by himself.

Possum Fur Products

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Possums are quadruped marsupials which live in Australia, Sulawesi and New Guinea. These creatures are usually small in size, but there can be medium sized, as well. Recently, species have been introduced in New Zealand and China.


Such animals are nocturnal and most of them are arboreal. Generally, they are herbivores, but some species can be omnivores, while others are insectivores and some nectar-feeders.


Today, possums live in suburban areas and they are considered pests because they eat fruits, flowers and vegetables from gardens. Many people use garlic, camphor or naphthalene to keep possums far away from their gardens or roofs where they often build their nests.


Many products are made from possum fur. Since 1996, the fur of these creatures started to be used for various things. Possum fur is named eco fur, possum wool, eco-possum, possumdown, possum merino or merinomink.


The eco-possum is also used for creating possum socks, which are very warm and move sweat away from the feet. In addition, possum fur doesn’t freeze, which is very important. This attribute has been common only for polar bears until possum socks emerged.


Many people claim that possum fur is similar to mink, is anti-static, but less expensive. Possum wool is used for many other products such as scarves and liners for jackets and coats.

As the material has a great insulating capacity is also used for hats and caps designed for cooler climates. Possum leather is also used for creating wallets, purses and belts. Thus, possums have turned from pests into assets, being a wonderful example of how a disadvantage can be monetized.

A Possum And A Cat?

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If you desire to have a possum as a pet, but you already have a cat, you need to think about this thoroughly, because it depends on how the animal usually behaves if he will get along in a nice manner with the cat or if they will fight. It’s hard to anticipate how the two pets will react when they will meet, but you need to be clever and to learn from the experience of others. And you can also read about possum behavior in books you can buy online. In the videos bellow, you have the chance to see all kind of reactions when it comes about possums and cats staying both in the same area.

In the first video you can see a cat beating a possum which is sitting on her territory. Not very encouraging, we should say!

Another problem that might appear is that the possum might steal the food of the cat while the cat is away, like the baby possum in the next video.

Or they might eat together and share their food without any problem like the cat and the possum in the video bellow.

The cat (resembling Garfield, we need to add) in the next video clearly loves the tiny possums as these climb her and play on her and she stays very quiet.

For you, you are the one who needs to decide alone. It depends a lot of the personality of your cat, but if you have the possibility, you should visit with her a friend with a possum to see how she reacts. Don’t forget also to read about the behavior of possums around other animals. Be prepared and you will know what is best for you.

Problems When Having A Possum Pet

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The possum is a really beautiful animal to keep into your home as a pet. However, there are some concerns linked to this decision. For instance, it is claimed that since the possum is a wild animal, it will belong to the wild, environment in which the animal can be healthy and happy. There actually are some states in which you need a permit to keep this kind of animal into your home. Still, the possum is not an aggressive animal, so you should not worry at all about this aspect. It can be very docile and it will definitely not attack your pets.


Even though the animal is not a common kind of pet if you want to have it into your home, there is really no reason why you should not make such a choice. Still, you will have to know how to take care of it. For starters, you should understand that possums are nocturnal animals, meaning that they will commonly sleep during the day and be active during the night. They prefer to sleep in dark places and they do not like to be disturbed while sleeping.

When it comes to eating habits, the possum will prefer to eat fruits which can find himself on the ground. Diet is actually more important than you may initially imagine. The animal has to be feed with high-protein, low-fat dry food. The possum will never eat more than it needs, so you have to constantly leave food out there for your pet. Keeping the bowl full is a must at all time. Cooked meals should also be included into its everyday diet, but the foods that should not be missing are fruits and vegetables. Supping your possum with fresh water at all times is also a must.


Having a possum into your yard, at least when you want to keep this beautiful animal as a pet should not be a problem for you. The possum is a non-aggressive and nondestructive animal and even though it is a wild one, you will be able to keep it into your home. The possum will not attack other pets, will not dug up or threaten your home.

Actually, this animal can turn out being quite beneficial for you, as it feeds on many types of insects, but also mice and voles. Still, you should be careful, as you need to leave your animal some space. You need to learn how to take care of it and how to live with your possum.


Many people in the United States are keeping possums as pets nowadays. These animals, well known also under the name of opossums, have become actually popular pets in many areas across the world. The animals are preferred and kept into homes due to a wide range of reasons. They are able to learn quickly and they will actually be able to adept rapidly in case they are provided with food.

However, the most important problem with these animals is that the legality of keeping them can vary from one case to another. The law can actually ban people from keeping them as pets, or they may need a permit to be able to do so. Another important problem with keeping possums as pets is linked to the negative consequences they can produce. In case you own horses, keeping such a pet may not be a great idea, as the possum can transmit a series of diseases to horses. The possum also tends to bite when feeling a threat, so it is better to keep young children away from this pet. Cases in which people have been attacked by these animals have been much debated, possums entering homes and actually invading properties, even though they are considered to be exceptions.

When the possum is provided with care and food, it can become very loyal to his owner.

General Facts About The Possum

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The possum is one unique arboreal marsupial specie, which is found in various parts of Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi. It is part of the Animalia kingdom, in the Chordata phylum and of the Marsupialia infraclass of the Mammalia class. There are many interesting facts about the species that all people should know about, but especially those who consider these animals as options for pets. This may seem uncanny for some of you, but there are many who have adopted these creatures and who have the tendency to think of them as rather weird looking dogs.

There are more than one types of these animals in the world and their development has been based on the ways in which they live, on their habitats, on their interactions with the environment and with other species and so on. The opposing ends of the species types are the Little Pygmy and the Bear Cuscus. These are the smallest and the largest species. The Little Pygmy weights 10g and is 70mm long in the adult development, while the Bear Cuscus weights over 7kg. These are all partly arboreal creatures and inhabit places with lots of vegetation. They are nocturnal mainly, which means that they can be seen frequently during the night. The species is divided into a series of super-families, families and genus. Their main features and characteristics are mostly the same, but, with this classification, they can also be differentiated in many ways, through thei  look, their actions, their habitats and so on.

Possums can be seen in zoos around the world, but it is safe to say that one can also admire them for free in case they go around forests during the night in the areas inhabited by these animals. Due to the expansion of the communities in these regions and to the reduction of the forested areas, the possums have entered the urban world as well. Although this is not a suitable environment for them completely, as they are wild animals after all, many people who have found one of these animals on the streets have taken them home as pets. There are even pet shops which sell possums. It is important to keep in mind the general facts about these creatures and to understand that they should be in their natural free habitat for the rest of their lives. 

The Possum Makes a Loving and Caring Pet

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Although the North American Possum is not commonly kept as a pet, a growing number of people are fascinated by and dedicated to this unique animal. These animals are wonderful pets when provided with a good home environment and proper care. Just like any other pet, for that matter. They cuddle on the sofa with you, snuggle under the blankets in your bed, and greet you at the door when you come home from work. There are a few things you should know about the possums. They are nocturnal animals, solitary and slow moving. When frightened, instead of running for cover, they will often enter an involuntary shock like state, known as playing possum. They will also sometimes hiss or growl, and bare their teeth when frightened or threatened. In reality, they are quite placid and very adaptable animals.

They can live just about anywhere, provided they have water, food and shelter. If in captivity, the opossums can live up to 10 years. In the wild, however, very few possums live past their first year, since they have numerous predators, including humans. North American possums can make great pets. This is specially true if they are hand fed. They do not bite, unless they feel threatened. Aside from making great pets, possums are also used as important models in biomedical research. Moreover, they are also beneficial for the environment as they eat many types of insects, including cockroaches. It is great to have them around the house. They also catch rats and mice and dispose of dead animals and over-ripe fruit and berries. It is much better than having a cat or any other pet.

Every possum has his or her own personality, so temperament and behaviours will vary from one animal to the next. The optimal age to obtain an opossum is a baby of 5 to 8 weeks of age. They will only make as good a pet as the amount of time you invest in them as babies, and it is critical that you devote extensive time. Never hit or shake them, because corporal punishment will cause the animal to bite. They are best maintained as an indoor pet with the exception of a bit of fresh air and sunshine while supervised outdoors each day. Opossums are excellent climbers and can escape easily over a fence. They train like a cat, so they will need a litter box nearby their beds and additional boxes in the rooms where they spend a good deal of time with you.

The Possum – An Uncommon Pet

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Most of the children grow up asking for a pet. Of course, the majority of those who ask think about the classic dog or the usual cat. Few think about asking their parents for a possum, which is in fact a really great animal, easy to care for, very affectionate and also cute. The problem of pets becomes bigger and keeps rolling like a snowball when the parents have the guts to buy their children a golden fish. For the little ones, receiving a fish as a pet is the supreme offense. Adults only think about the mess that a dog or a cat produce and do not take into account choosing a smaller and funnier animal for their kids, like a possum. The possum is an uncommon choice, but it is a very good one. The furry friend can be cared easily by anyone.

For the kids, the possum would be something new and exciting, because probably their friends never heard of such a pet. This is why they would be trilled to take care of the possum. A great thing about the possum is that it is very small and raising it does not require huge sacrifices. The dog would have to be walked three times each day and it may cause damage in the house and the cat is always destroying the furniture, not to mention that it can be found on the table all the time if the owners do not pay enough attention to it.

The possum is very quiet and friendly and for the kids it would be perfect. They could take the possum easily to the vet, while the cat would struggle against such a visit and the dog would run away and hide, as soon as it should figure out where it is going. Having a possum as a pet is way easier than having a larger pet and much nicer than having a boring pet, like a golden fish. The possum is a great choice and it is very good if the kids receiving it need to learn about the responsibility of caring for an animal.

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